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A simple way to save BIG

on dental Services!

Say hello to the Logan Peak Savings Plans.

  No Pre-Existing Condition Limitations

  Immediate Eligibility (No Waiting Periods)

  Free Consultations

  No Pre-Authorization Requirements

  No Yearly Maximums

  No Deductibles

  No Claim Forms








Why did we create our

own Savings Plans?

Over the years it has been clear to us that many of our patients don’t have access to dental insurance and those who do aren’t satisfied with the many limitations those plans include. As the old ways of dental insurance are moving to the past, we are excited to introduce our very own in-house savings plans designed to help bring your dental costs down to affordably meet all the dental needs of both you and your family.

Here’s What’s Covered on EVERY PLAN

All Logan Peak Savings Plans are designed to provide great access to quality dental care. With savings upwards of $500 in preventative services alone, here’s what you can expect to be included on every plan:


& X-Rays

Comprehensive Exam

New patient only -  Initial visit


Periodic Exam (1 Per Year)

Existing patient - 2 Per Year


Limited Exam (1 Per Year)

Problem focused - 1 periapical

film included


Bitewings (1 Set Per Year)

In conjunction with Comprehensive

or Periodic Exam


Periapical Films (5 Per Year)

In conjunction with Periodic Exam


Full Set X-Rays or Panorex

1 every 3 years
























Child or Adult Prophylaxis

Cleanings - 2 Per Year


Additional Prophylaxis

Cleaning - Unlimited


Fluoride (2 Per Year)

No age limit



No age limit











View and change plans below.  All Plans include diagnostic & preventative services listed above.

Plan comparison

*If you are one of our patients that has been taking advantage of our previous $69 checkup deal, we will be honoring this deal for one final use at which time you will have the opportunity to apply the $69 towards any of our new Dental savings plans suitable for your current dental needs.



Starting January 2018 you can start signing up for one of our awesome savings plans

*Incurs a $2 monthly processing fee





All Logan Peak Dental Savings Plans are designed to provide great access to quality dental care. Members who choose to take advantage of this program must agree to the following guidelines and exclusions in their entirety upon redemption:



Savings Plans offered are specific to the established member(s) listed and associated savings plan benefits are only valid for use amongst these specified member(s).


The following lists the parameters of each available package:

The Single package is designed for the use of one member 18 years of age or older.


The Dual package is designed for the use of two family members within the same household and can be utilized in one of the following combinations listed below:


Child + Child combination

Guardian + Child Combination

Adult + Adult Combination


It should be noted that a child is specified as any member under the age of 13 years old.


Both Family packages are designed for the use of 3+ family members. All family members must reside within the same household with no more than 2 guardians listed on each plan.





Membership will not include an associated membership card, the effective date of the selected plan and all included plan benefits will be on file and will be applied to the applicable plan members and associated account ledger.


Membership is valid for one full year after redemption and is non-transferable.

Associated savings plan benefits can only be redeemed during the established plan year.

Unused benefits become void upon reaching membership expiration.



Services Provided


Membership must be retained for the duration of any treatment provided to receive the applicable savings plan benefits.


All services provided are solely based upon the providing doctor’s recommendations.

All included plan benefits are available to each plan member(s) so long as they are congruent with the recommendations given.


All specified preventative services are an included plan benefit.


All additional services are a discounted plan benefit and, as such, patient portion is expected at time of service.



Payment Options


1) Payment in full upon initial sign up

2) Equal monthly installments for the duration of the plan year

3) Equal monthly installments with auto-renewal for each consecutive plan year



Auto Withdrawal


Required upon initial sign-up to all members opting for monthly installments.


The plan fee will be subdivided into twelve equal installments with a $2 processing fee applied monthly.  Installments will be withdrawn monthly to the date of initial sign-up.


Auto withdrawal is subject for cancellation upon received payment of remaining plan balance.




Available upon initial sign-up only.


5% discount will be applied to the plan fee upon initial sign-up.


The plan fee will be subdivided into twelve equal installments with a $2 processing fee applied monthly.  Installments will be withdrawn monthly to the date of initial sign-up.


Auto renewal is subject for cancellation upon received payment of initial 5% discount applied to the plan fee.  Monthly installments will continue for the remaining duration of the current plan year.  Membership and all associated plan benefits will be discontinued upon expiration of current plan year.


Insufficient Funds


In the event of insufficient funds at the time of the specified withdrawal date, a late fee of $35 will be directly applied.  The associated plan member will be immediately contacted and given 15 days from the specified withdrawal date to provide the necessary payment.


In the event that a plan member accrues two occurrences of insufficient funds, the associated plan member will be given 30 days to make payment in full of the remaining plan balance to keep plan benefits in effect.


Failure to provide the necessary payment within 30 days will result in immediate termination of the applicable savings plan and immediate forfeit of all plan benefits.  Previous plan payments received will be applied towards the associated account ledger. All fees for services provided from plan initiation date forward will revert back to full Logan Peak Dental fees.


In the event that an overdue payment exceeds 90 days, the applicable plan member and associated account ledger will be sent to collections.


It should be noted that in the event of plan termination, eligibility for re-sign up will not be permitted until the applicable account ledger is settled in entirety.





Membership cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable.

Membership is not subject for re-sale.



This program is specifically a dental savings plan and is exclusive to Logan Peak Dental. This program is not a dental insurance plan and, as such, is subject to the following limitations.


The Logan Peak Dental Savings Plans cannot be used:


•  In conjunction with any other dental insurance plan

•  For purchase of recommended in-office dental products

•  For services involving injuries covered under workman’s compensation

•  For treatment, which in sole opinion of the treating dentist, lies outside the realm of their capability

•  For referrals to specialists

•  For hospitalizations or hospital charges of any kind

•  For costs of dental care which are covered under any other insurances (e.g. automobile, medical, etc.)


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